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Introducing our Palm Oil and Petrochemical free Kiwifruit seed Balm, Baby Barrier and Moisturiser Cream Combo

Miri Kiwifruit seed Balm is great for moisturising lips, chapped lips, dry or cracked skin, burns, scrapes, nourishing cuticles, insect bites, prevention of nappy rash, general massage and shaving rashes. Kiwifruit seed oil is rich in essential acids with a high concentration of Alpha-Linole acid (Omega 3) which helps to keep skin moisturised for longer.

The multi-purpose barrier cream gently protects and restores the nappy area. Our cream relieves skin redness while repelling water, keeping a long-lasting, breathable waterproof barrier.

The Baby barrier cream is not only good at soothing sore bottoms but provides relief from dry skin, minor insect bites and rashes. It’s also free from synthetic preservatives and petroleum and formulated specially for sensitive and atopic skin.

Our active ingredient in the Baby Moisturiser is Kawakawa a native New Zealand plant known as the pharmacy of the forest for its healing properties. This is infused with Manuka Honey and Shea Butter to create a nutrient rich cream to help soothe and moisturise baby’s delicate skin.

We believe in nature to help improve and protect people’s skin and well-being. Miri translated simply means ‘soothe’ and ‘well-being’.

Our wild-harvested New Zealand natural ingredients are gathered, then carefully crafted to create this soothing barrier cream. It’s the perfect mix of iconic botanical healing ingredients. Our active ingredient Kawakawa is a native New Zealand plant known as the pharmacy of the forest for its healing properties.

Kiwifruit seed Balm Key Ingredients

Kiwifruit seed oil, Manuka Honey, Hemp seed oil, Shea Butter, Calendula and Vitamin E

Barrier Key Ingredients

Manuka Honey, Kawakawa, Hemp seed oil , Shea Butter, Pharmaceutical grade non-nano zinc oxide, Calendula and Vitamin E

Moisturiser Key Ingredients

Manuka Honey, Kawakawa, Olive Oil, Hemp seed oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter

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