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Miri Skincare harnesses the goodness of nature to offer nourishing skincare - gentle enough to soothe, yet powerful enough to protect.

We think that when it comes to skincare, nature knows best. Which is why there are no unnecessary nasties in our personal care products, just natural New Zealand and South Pacific ingredients, formulated to nurture, heal and protect skin, the way that nature intended.

Through research, testing and development, Miri Skincare’s founders created a gentle, nourishing blend for even the most sensitive of skin, calling on the powerful and proven natural healing properties of Manuka honey, hemp seed oil, kiwifruit seed oil and Kawakawa.

Like most Kiwis, making good choices for our family and for the planet matters to us. As a country blessed with natural resources and inspiring landscapes, we have an appreciation for the environment that surrounds us.

So, as we continue the journey started by Miri’s founders, we’ve added new natural, petrochemical-free products that everyone will love. Chemical and cruelty-free, our products are made under the strictest supervision and to the highest regulated standards.

100% New Zealand made, free from harmful chemicals and gentle on even the most delicate of skin, Miri Skincare is a more conscious choice when it comes to caring for the whole family

Santa says "HO HO HO"


An amazing product, have been using it for a few weeks now for my chapped lips and worked a treat.
Rachael D.
I used Miri on a scald I got on my foot, after running it under cold water I used it straight away and then when I went to bed. It took away the pain and I had no blisters the next day.
Jean B.
I have been using this amazing new product for the last week on my hands and lips and I am super happy with the results, and it's natural.
Kerrigan B.
Love this product! Fantastic on dry winter cuticles!
Amanda G.
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