Welcome to Miri Skin Care

Welcome to Miri, more than just skin care. Miri is proudly a Kiwi owned family business, born out of the desire to create natural palm oil and petrochemical free skincare products for the whole family that are good for your skin and kinder on the planet.

The name of the company means 'soothe' and 'well-being', hence our mission was also simple; to create soothing natural skincare product that nourish and calm everyday skin.

Kiwifruit, Manuka honey and Kawakawa are just a few of our key ingredients with Manuka honey especially well documented internationally for its healing properties. We believe in nature to help improve and protect people’s skin.

We are committed to manufacturing our products in New Zealand. Only in New Zealand can we be 100% sure about what goes into them, and what therefore goes onto your skin.

Our aim is to help reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing on the planet, doing our bit from little old Aotearoa.

We endeavored to find containers that are recyclable and not contribute to the worlds waste issues. We have done this by sourcing glass jars with a lids made from bamboo and tubes made from 50% recycled plastics.

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