The essential skincare
bundle for your family

  • Suitable for all skin types. Free from harmful chemicals and gentle on even the most delicate and sensitive skin
  • Made with natural NZ ingredients. Products formulated to nurture, heal, and protect skin using natural NZ ingredients
  • Amazing value. Save over $25 when you buy as a bundle

Get the Miri Family Bundle

Made from natural NZ ingredients

Environmentally Friendly packaging

Absolutely no nasties and parabens


Our all-purpose balm, baby moisturiser and barrier cream are all you need to keep your family's skin healthy and to remedy to common skin ailments.

  • • Apply on eczema, dry spots or itchy skin to soothe and treat
  • • As a soothing massage cream for mums and bubs
  • • Use to soothe or avoid nappy rash or chafing rash
  • • Use as a natural nipple cream
  • • Apply on small cuts, burns or irritated insect bites
  • • Natural lip balm or to treat chapped lips
  • • An everyday moisturiser for all skin types
  • • Use as a hand cream or to treat dry cuticles
  • • Natural replacement for petroleum jelly
  • • A light and non-tacky after shave balm or beard oil
Get the Miri Family Bundle

What’s in Miri?

Our products contain only the best naturally derived ingredients, from New Zealand and beyond. Miri translated simply means ‘soothe’ and ‘well-being’, hence our mission is also simple: to create soothing skin care products that nourish and calm everyday skin.

Miri Skincare

NZ Manuka Honey

Miri Skincare

Shea Butter

Miri Skincare


Miri Skincare


What Kiwis say about Miri

"I used Miri on a scald I got on my foot, after running it under cold water I used it straight away and then when I went to bed. It took away the pain and I had no blisters the next day."
Jean B.
"I have been using this amazing new product for the last week on my hands and lips and I am super happy with the results, and it's natural."
Kerrigan B.
"An amazing product, have been using it for a few weeks now for my chapped lips and worked a treat."
Rachael D.
"Love this product! Fantastic on dry winter cuticles!"
Amanda G.

What's included in the Miri Family Bundle

Kiwifruit Seed Balm

Kiwifruit seed oil is rich in essential acids with a high concentration of Alpha-Linole acid (Omega 3) which helps to keep skin moisturised for longer, preventing dryness and cracking.

Baby Barrier Cream

This multi-purpose barrier cream gently protects and restores the nappy area. Our cream relieves skin redness while repelling water, keeping a long-lasting, breathable waterproof barrier.

Baby Moisturiser

Our wild-harvested New Zealand natural ingredients are gathered, then carefully crafted to create this nourishing moisturiser. It’s the perfect mix of iconic botanical healing ingredients.


What's NOT in Miri?

Petrochemicals in skin care have the capacity to generate impurities(carcinogens). We've therefore chosen not to use any nasty chemicals in our products.
Scientific studies suggest that parabens can disrupt hormones in the body and harm fertility and reproductive organs, affect birth outcomes, and increase the risk of cancer.
We made a conscious decision to not use Palm-oil as its use is environmentally devastating. It causes mass deforestation to native rainforest which displaces indigenous people and endangers animal species.
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